About Us 

 My Retro Game Box is your local family-owned game store located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are old school gamers, collectors, and enthusiasts. We established My Retro Game Box store because of our love for video games. When we were young, we usually went to dimly-lit arcades and played our favorite retro games. We want the classic games in the 80s to continuously grow, and we are very excited to bring the classic retro games back into your home! 


Why should you trust My Retro Games Box to recommend retro games to you? 


We have gaming experience for over 30 years, going back to the good old Nintendo. From saving up our lunch money to buy the newest Nintendo Entertainment System games to renting games every weekend, we’ve experienced all of these when it comes to playing and collecting retro games. 


My Retro Game Box has simple goals which are to provide assistance to our customers as much as we can, to provide a relaxing, welcoming environment for you to shop in, and to provide a high-quality console for you to relive your younger years, have fun and create exciting memories. 


Our clients are our top priority, we wouldn’t even be in the position we are today if they weren’t supported and trusted by our customers. All thanks to our fantastic customers!  


A lot of people ask us about working at My Retro Game Box. We really appreciate that many of you are showing your interest and want to work here so badly. Unfortunately, we don’t need extra help at this moment, but we still encourage you to stop by and bring your resume with you at any point. If you will become our regular customer, then we can get to know you even better, if so, you will have a chance of getting hired! This process will be the best bet for being hired in the future. You can even email your resume to us.