Find the answers to the most asked questions in our files. We hope you find it useful as you browse through our My Retro Game Box website. 


Q: What games are available on the My Retro Game Box product? 

A: As of now, the My Retro Game Box website does not have a list of the games yet due to copyright. However, the console product has over 5000 popular classic games that are pre-loaded and you can also add your own games by downloading the game room for free from other websites and adding to the console, full support given. 


Q: Can I save the game progress like the original games? 

A: Yes, you can save games just like the originals anytime you want. 


Q: How do I save a game? 

A: Easy! Every game has a save feature, then these are written to disk when you exit the emulator with Select then Start.  


Q: How do I exit a game? 

A: To exit a game just press Start+Select. 


Q: Do you need the internet to use the console? 

A: Fortunately, the internet is not needed for the system to be used, however, if you want to add more classic games then you should be connected to the WIFI. 


Q: How do I connect the console to my TV? 

A: Your console connects to your TV via an HDMI lead. You can check the manual inserted in the console box you’ve gotten from us. 


Q: Do you offer a refund if I am not completely satisfied with the product I’ve purchased? 

A: Yes. We offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied 15 days after the product has been delivered to you. We hardly get anyone who asks for a refund anyway because our console product is the highest quality across the country and all of our customers are completely happy and satisfied.