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What a console, lots of classic games, best buy in a while that is for sure. I’ll recommend this to all of my friends and gamers out there. 



There’s a lot of classic games to play, I came across my old favorite, thanks to My Retro Box. Using this console will never get me bored specially in a bad weather when you can’t get out to have fun. I really  love my retro box console. 



I don’t usually post reviews on any product I buy but I really have to say this simple testimonial of mine. The console I’ve purchased at My Retro Game Box is 100% worth every penny. Thank you so much! 



Brilliant unit and great customer service was spot on, unlike other companies offering similar service. I’ve got mine last week and I love it so much. Now, I’m enjoying it for a week now. Too much classic games which I am very satisfied with it. 



Fast delivery, great services, and brilliant console. I’m very happy with it. I am now reliving my younger years. I would definitely recommend everyone to purchase this incredible product. 



Well, I shouldn’t keep quiet knowing that there is a product that deserves a high rating review. Actually, the console I’ve purchased at My Retro Game Box is not mine, it’s for my son. I’m happy that he loves it although there are lots of computer games nowadays that younger ones get addicted to. My son enjoys a classic game that he actually doesn’t know which one to play because of the many games installed on the console. Also, I want to thank you for a quick delivery and great services.